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AMA TechTel operates throughout Texas and the rest of the nation with local, regional, nationwide and global businesses and organizations. Our emphasis on reliability and effectiveness drives our relationship with every single customer.

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The quality of your service is as critical to us as it is to you. The efficiency of your operation is only as impressive as your weakest link, which is why we work hand-in-hand with you in coming up with the right solution to ensure you get the most out of the services you need.

  • Lower human capex

    Cut down on extra office staff by utilizing Hosted PBX's auto-attendant.

    Lower human capex
  • Reliable service

    Keep your business rolling day-by-day with tremendous uptime.

    Lower human capex
  • Lightning-fast CRM usage

    Stay connected faster than ever with AMA TechTel's SmartFiber.

    Lightning-fast CRM usage
  • Increase Man-Power

    Manage more information without increasing in-house IT staff.

    Lightning-fast CRM usage
  • Secure sensitive information

    Protect your emplyees' info with hardware firewalls & secured cloud storage.

    Secure sensitive information

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In an industry full of companies of companies that do anything to get you and then disappear until it’s billing time, AMA TechTel exists in a unique bubble where once we’ve signed your business, we stick around ensuring what you got is what you paid for. From voice, data, cloud services, and full-service IT support, AMA TechTel is your one stop shop that partners with you for life.

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Success stories from our Partners

  • "You have a great team there. AMA TechTel is so ingrained in our business. Any time we have a question, you are always more than willing to help."

    Claudia Burkett, Executive VP/COO, Education Credit Union
  • "Thank you AMA TechTel for making work life just that much easier. Keep it up!"

    Jimmy Lackey, President & CEO, Kids, Inc.
  • "Having all our needs addressed through one vendor made the process simple and affordable."

    Clay Stribling, President & CEO, Amarillo Area Foundation

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