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Experience the reliability of a proven home phone service and never worry about us throttling your service with our high-speed Internet.

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Everyone has a right to higher education

Graduating seniors from the towns we offer service in, whose parents or guardians are AMA TechTel customers, are eligible for a scholarship of $500. To apply for the scholarship, simply fill out the form and follow the requested steps.

With you every step of the way

We’re not just your internet and home phone provider - we’re your friends. When everything is set up and ready to roll, we don’t forget about you. We’re here for the long-haul and look forward to building a strong friendship with you.

It starts here

First we come by your house and check for a line-of-sight to our tower. Once that's been established, we'll set up the receiver either on your house or a pole outside of your house Then we run the cable from the receiver to your house.

And doesn't end there

After that's complete, we stick around to make sure your router is working properly and help configure your computer to connect properly to your new Internet service. We'll show you how to reset your router and help connect your devices to it.

If and when roadblocks arise

Our dedicated customer support staff will be there to help you through anything. If it's something they can't solve, we have the techs that can. Whenever works best for you, they'll swing by and fix the problem up for you in a jiffy.

We love streaming just as much as you

Streaming movies online has become increasingly popular over the past few years - we do it ourselves. We believe you should be able to take advantage or this cost-effective entertainment option no matter where you live, including rural Texas.

That's why the speeds we offer in most of our markets are far faster than what the standard rural provider offers. Go ahead and enjoy your family movie night. It's on us.

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You've got 90 days to decide if you like us!

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