The right network for your business

Better solutions demand tailored product suites and delivery at the fastest speeds possible. With AMA, you’ll have state-of-the-art solutions delivered over both our private and partner network to your locations. Our unique combination of partnered national and transport networks, metro networks, and wireless capabilities allows us to provide maximum coverage, performance and scalability.

  • local
  • Local

  • Metro fiber networks in most major metropolitan markets
  • Over 1,000 miles of fiber
  • More than 3,000 on-network buildings
  • More than 40 unique central office locations
  • national
  • National

  • Connections in more than 100 cities
  • Can reach more than 100,000 U.S. business locations with Ethernet and Fiber
  • Network speeds up to 10Gbps
  • network-access
  • High-capacity IP & Transport Networks

  • 100 Gbps metro-area network
  • Tier 1 IP Network with terabit routing core

The core of the AMA network is mesh of partner networks and our own, complete with Gigabit circuits, connecting network nodes, peering POP’s and Data Centers nationwide. The AMA backbone runs across its own fiber facilities, supported by core routing platforms and high-capacity peering interconnections.

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Curious about our network coverage?

This network design delivers maximum end-to-end throughput as well as high levels of protection, redundancy, and quality of service required to support other AMA services and any application that you could throw at it.

The AMA network utilizes an advanced IP design, ensuring scalability as well as the ability to offer advanced future IP services. We have the added benefit of no single IP point of failure past the customer access port.

AMA can quickly resolve any problems that may occur through our network, which eliminates many of the common failure points found in older network designs.