What is SIP Trunking?

AMA SIP Trunking Service unifies voice, data and Internet services over an IP connection, leveraging your existing IP PBX. It’s an ideal converged solution for a single location business with 10 or more phone lines.

Based on the Session Initiation Protocol, a SIP trunk provides the connection between your network and the public switched telephone network (PTSN). With this SIP trunk connection, you can make phone calls from your IP PBX device without additional physical wiring, thereby reducing the recurring costs of separate voice and data circuits and the costs associated with the purchase, support and maintenance of media gateways.

Integrated access combines your voice and data onto a common access circuit, enabling you to achieve greater economies of scale and simplify the management and maintenance of your communications infrastructure.

Complete end-to-end management

AMA Sip Trunking includes both the access circuit and port, making it easy to manage and maintain. This means that of the 23 channels available through AMA’s PRI Trunking Service to support voice and date, you can easily combine or relocate channels based on your needs.

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No more separate phone and Internet connections

SIP trunking reduces costs by eliminating the need for separate voice and data connections, and expands the potential for communications convergence using both voice and data together. As your company grows, all necessary infrastructure to handle additional voice and data traffic is already in place.

A single SIP trunking account can serve an entire enterprise, no matter the size. As a bonus, multi-site enterprises can use a single SIP trunking account rather than multiple sub PRI connections.

Fast and reliable, all while keeping usage low

Data transmitted on AMA’s SIP Trunking Service will be prioritized up and above data transmitted on another medium, like a DSL line. You can also look forward to enjoying the benefit of voice compression technology which transports more voice traffic on the same size circuit, with no appreciable loss of quality.

Modern features

AMA is a SIP Trunking Service provider for small-to-medium size businesses as well as enterprise level businesses. AMA SIP Trunking Service is designed for small-to-medium businesses with fewer than 500 employees and fewer than 10 locations. For larger businesses, AMA’s Enterprise SIP Trunking offers SIP services that meet the unique needs of large, multi-location organizations. AMA Hosted Communications is designed for those organizations seeking to eliminate their investment in PBXs altogether.

Utilize network capacity, improve ROI, and take your existing network into the future with AMA TechTel's Digital and PRI Trunking phone service.

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Digital & PRI Trunks benefits overview:

  • Make simultaneous calls over the same bandwidth

  • Allow customers outside of network to call you

  • Field inbound calls, delegating their destination

  • Configure private dialing plans for on-net routing

  • Redirect incoming calls to another number

  • Add lines for fax, alarms or modems