What is Basic Business Phone Service?

Basic Business Phone Service (POTS) is the voice-grade telephone service that remains the basic form of small business service connection to the telephone network. It has been available almost since the introduction of the public telephone system in the late 19th century, and remains mostly unchanged and considerably reliable.

Basic Business Phone Service carries a DC current at a nominal voltage of 48V, supplied by a power conversion system. This power conversion system is backed up with a bank of batteries, resulting in continuation of service during interruption of power to the customer supplied by their electrical utility.

The communication circuits of the telephone network continue to be modernized by advances in digital communications; however, other than improving sound quality, these changes have been mainly transparent to customers. In most cases, the function of the local loop presented to the customer for connection to telephone equipment is practically unchanged and remains compatible with pulse dialing telephones. Due to the wide availability of traditional telephone services, new forms of communications devices such as modems and facsimile machines were initially designed to use traditional analog telephony to transmit digital information.

Professional point of contact

Gives you an established phone number allowing for business directory listings giving you a professional appearance, helping your customers more easily find you.

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Call clarity and reliability

Calls delivered over AMA landline-based phone service ensure exception call clarity and reliability, and are more secure than any other means of communication. Easily handle your calls with over 13 enhanced calling features.

Always the last man standing

Landlines are known for working even when your electricity isn’t. It’s the only business telephone service that guarantees the five-nines, also known as achieved dial-tone availability of more than 99.999%. That’s the equivalent of having dial-tone for all but short of 5 minutes each year.

Modern features

Just because the POTS haven’t changed much, doesn’t mean they haven’t changed at all. Many modern conveniences are now accessible through AMA’s Basic Business Phone Service service, such as voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, speed dialing, conference calling, enhanced 911, and more. Due to a wide availability of POTS (business landline service), new forms of communications devices such as modems are designed to use POTS to transmit digital information.

For stores, offices, restaurants, building contractors, even teleworkers, our POTS service provides the tools you need for your company phones that let you focus on what you do best – running your business, anywhere, anytime.

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Basic Business Phone (POTS) benefits overview:

  • Professional phone system with advanced features

  • Forward calls to your cell phone to never miss a call

  • Transfer call seamlessly for maximum flexibility

  • Check call history and manage voicemail

  • Unlimited local calling with free long distance

  • Professional point of contact for help when you need it