How does On Demand IT Support work?

AMA’s team consists of a complete IT department that is at your disposal with just a phone call or email. You will have access to complete network support from our remote and onsite highly trained technicians whenever you need it. Above all, AMA understands that response times are critical when you have technology issues.

Enjoy the Fully-Managed Suite

Each service offered in AMA’s Fully-Managed IT is also offered through On Demand IT Support, just at our hourly rate. AMA’s On Demand IT Support accommodates both small businesses and larger organizations that are seeking security and maintenance for their network.

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IT at your pace

On Demand IT Support means that you don’t need your own IT department and that you’re free from monthly fees for subscription-based AMA IT services. This service is great for small Businesses that aren’t technically-dependent.

If you run servers, have a dedicated network, or run multiple devices, we completely recommend giving Remote IT Support a try.

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We respect your privacy. Your info will never be given to another party, & you can opt out anytime you wish.

On-Demand IT Support benefits overview:

  • No need to predict month-to-month support needs

  • Pay only for the exact amount of support needed

  • Out of your hair with the issue is resolved - no sooner or later

  • Fast, simple and extremely worry free IT Support

  • Complete access to Fully-Managed suite of services

  • Upgrade to Fully-Managed at any time and save money