What is Wireless Internet?

Wireless Internet uses fixed wireless point-to-point connectivity, such as tower-to-building in our case, with a radio. Wireless Internet is often a cost-effective alternative to fiber optics or installing cables between the buildings. The point-to-point signal transmissions occur through the air over a terrestrial microwave platform rather than through copper or optical fiber. So Wireless Internet does not require satellite feeds or local telephone service. The advantages of fixed wireless include the ability to connect with users in remote areas without the need for laying new cables and the capacity for broad bandwidth that is not impeded by fiber or cable.

Deceptively fast

With speeds up to 250Mbps, AMA’s Wireless Internet is far faster than you probably imagined. Supported by an expanding, constantly upgraded wireless mesh network, you can expect consistently low latency, no data caps, and all the devices you can throw at it, with bandwidth to spare.

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More affordable than typical business-class connections

Because of the lack of copper or fiber needing to be laid, costs for installing and maintaining AMA’s Wireless Internet stay relatively low. The only equipment you need is the radio, and enough cable to run from it to your router. The radio is built to last as well.

As-a-matter-of-fact, AMA’s Wireless Internet can keep you running through most storms without failing. This is because the equipment is built out of rugged material and AMA’s fixed Wireless Internet towers are land-based and about as tall as the average cell phone tower, resulting in a stronger, shorter range signal than satellite.

Don’t accept midday slowdowns.

With AMA’s Wireless Internet, your connect is a narrow beam wireless link dedicated to you; it’s never shared. We believe the speeds you pay for are the speeds you should get.

High-Speed Wireless Internet experiences the same quality and reliability as comparable fixed mediums—such as T1 and Ethernet—but offers a greater reach, making it an ideal solution for businesses that are outgrowing their business-class broadband.

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High-Speed Wireless benefits overview:

  • Minimal equipment and wiring needed

  • Enjoy 100% coverage for your site with no black spots

  • Great backup service for ethernet

  • Effortlessly support multiple users per site

  • Maintain constant connection room-to-room

  • Go cordless for increased working mobility