What is Secured Cloud Storage?

AMA Secured Cloud Storage is a best-in-class backup and disaster recovery suite for servers, desktops and laptops. Professionals working in mixed or virtual environments will appreciate having one type of backup and recovery software that works for all their machines.

This solution provides you with the products and services you need to recover your environment anytime, anywhere, and from a disaster of any magnitude.

Consistent flexibility for ever-changing environments

You need a Secured Cloud Storage service as your backup and disaster recovery solution that can work with a wide array of different systems and OS’s. With AMA’s Secured Cloud Storage service, you can restore, or migrate, your VM to a completely other physical environment. You can even fail over a VM in the cloud.

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Backup what’s most important to you

Back up Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and even SharePoint VM’s and other critical application VM’s, including updates in memory. For the sake of security, backup jobs are encrypted to protect backup images to securely protect your data.

Remote Management

Install the AMA Secured Cloud Storage agent on a Vm without having to physically visit the machine, through our powerful remote management option. You can also decide whether to receive notifications when VM backup jobs either succeed or fail.

Restore your systems with ALL the bells and whistles

Perform bare metal restores in minutes, or restore entire data volumes including configuration settings. With AMA’s Secured Cloud Service, you can even rapidly boot a backup image as a VM, as a temporary system failover.

With AMA’s Secured Cloud Service, you don’t have to worry when that big storm comes, or forgetting that flash drive during your last business trip. Rest assured that your data is safe, and backed by multiple layers of redundancy, failover technology, physical firewalls, encryption, system hardening, and 24/7 monitoring. Schedule a demo today.

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Secured Cloud Storage benefits overview:

  • Encrypted to meet PCI and HIPAA compliance

  • Disaster-proof your crucial documents and keep them safe

  • Fully-restore systems including core settings and options

  • Automated backups keep you worry free in emergencies

  • Bundles well with Remote IT Support for 24/7 monitoring

  • More cost-effective alternative to housing a backup server