What is CloudFax?

AMA’s Online Faxing with CloudFax lets you send and receive faxes over the Internet, from any device with email access, including your mobile phone. Say goodbye to paper jams, busy signals and waiting by that clunky, old machine.

Sign documents electronically

With AMA’s Online Faxing with CloudFax, you can add your signature to your profile making it easy to save time, be more responsive to your customers and close deals more quickly, even on the go - all without printing or scanning.

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Keep your faxes secure, private and in compliance

Protect your business faxes with enhanced security, featuring SSL-encryption ingrained in your web-based inbox, using 128-bit encryption with no added hardware or software required. Say "goodbye" to missing fax pages, and "hello" to secure, confidential documents.

Keep your old fax machine’s number

No one has to know you're using Online Faxing, because you'll be able to port your old toll-free or local number, freeing you from having to change business cards and contact information elsewhere.

With AMA’s Online Fax with CloudFax, you regain your freedom, mobility and better your peace-of-mind. Send and receive faxes online, anytime, anywhere. Save money, close deals, and never worry about missing a fax again.

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We respect your privacy. Your info will never be given to another party, & you can opt out anytime you wish.

CloudFax benefits overview:

  • Retrieve past faxes online from any device

  • Send large files that are converted to links

  • Send the same fax to multiple recipients

  • Easily find any fax you’ve sent or received

  • Port your old toll-free or local number

  • Electronically sign any document on the go