Cloud Conferencing

Make it feel like everyone’s together in the same room. Polycom conference phones became the standard for business by delivering the clearest sound to every participant in every location. Polycom’s advanced audio technology allows each conference phone to intelligently adapt to different room environments. So everyone can hear and be heard, even when more than one person talks at a time. You’ll eliminate confusion and enhance productivity. Not a single word, or opportunity, gets missed.

AMA’s cloud conferencing solution for the distributed workforce make it easy to connect remote teams and teleworkers.

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CloudFax lets you send and receive faxes over the Internet, from any device with email access (even your mobile phone). No more paper jams, busy signals or waiting by a fax machine. More than 11 million customers worldwide entrust eFax with their important faxes, including nearly half of the Fortune 500.

So say good bye to archaic piles of paper, and hello to a more streamlined approach to a necessary task. Each fax is SSL-encrypted, and allows for electronic signing and large file sharing.

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Secured Cloud Storage

Secured Cloud Storage can improve your business’ capability to backup, recover, migrate, manage, and protect your data, particularly if you have a limited capacity, or desire, to manage on-site technology resources. AMA’s Secured Cloud Storage differs from typical cloud storage in that your files are backed up as often as every 15 minutes in the background, including systems, applications, configurations, services, data, Microsoft SQL and even SharePoint servers.

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